You can support our foundation! Donations will be gratefully received on Iban NL 76 ING B 000 44 16 711 - BIC: INGB NL 2a, of Stichting Chimding. Please add your e-mail address so that we can show you our gratitude. You can also instruct your bank to send us a donation in a more structural way; per month, every three months, or annually.

What do we do with our money and yours?
We depend on monthly donations in order to execute all our projects. Our regular costs include payments to teachers and librarians, and furthermore we’d like to expand our activities and start new projects. We guarantee that close to 100 % of all donations benefit the inhabitants of the Nepalese mountain villages directly. Everyone of us is a volunteer and therefore we receive no financial compensation for our activities. We pay out of our own pockets for inevitable extra costs such as travel and accommodation expenses. We publish an annual report in which we account for the way in which we use our funds in a financial statement.